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All races are between $15 and $30 for Cycling BC licence holders. Don't have a licence yet? Get yours at You need at least a Provincial Ride license. Day licences can also be purchased for $10.

Be sure to read and commit to memory the Rider Guidelines... there'll be a test later! Seriously though, it will answer all your questions about categories, bike requirements and more.

Race Day Schedule

09:00AM – Registration Opens

10:00AM-10:45AM – Morning Race
(Novices, Single Speed, U13/15/17s, Intermediate/Masters Women)

11:00AM – FREE Kids Race!

12:00AM-1:00PM – Afternoon Race
(Elites, U19s, Intermediate/Masters Men)

1:30PM – Awards!

Race times can vary due to unforeseen delays, course conditions, etc. Race organizers will strive to make these changes known with as much notice as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the answers below, please consult the Rider Guidelines document for official info about the race series.

What type of license do I need?

For all categories you require at a minimum a Cycling BC RIDE license. Get yours at

Day licenses will be available for purchase on race day.

What is cyclocross?

European road cyclists in the early 1900s used to race each other to the next town over through farmers' fields, over dirt roads, ditches, hedges, probably livestock... Forced portage sections helped exercise other muscle groups and improved circulation in the cold off-season months.

Cyclocross is now the second most popular road cycling discipline, sweeping across Europe and now North America. Modern cyclocross races consist of many laps of a several-kilometer course featuring everything from pavement to trails to ankle-deep (and sometimes deeper) mud, with steep hills, staircases and barriers requiring riders to dismount, carry the bike over, around or through the obstacle, and remount to continue riding.

I've never raced cross before, can I join in the fun?

Absolutely you can! We have novice categories for men, women and juniors (U13/U15/U17). See the category listing further below for more info.

Can kids race?

Heck yes they can! We have a FREE kids race that runs between the morning and afternoon races for kids under 12. Mountain bikes, little cross bikes and even push bikes are all A-OK!

Can I ride a mountain bike?

In the Novice categories you sure can! See the Rider Guidelines for further info on rules for bikes and equipment.

What's so special about a cyclocross bike, anyway?

Roughly, a cyclocross bike is a road bike with clearance for wider tires and brakes more suited to off-road use (cantis, clasically, or disc brakes). There are geometry differences as well but many "gravel" or "adventure" road bikes can also be raced in the Intermediate or higher categories.

What are the different race categories?

Elite/U19 (Junior Elite): You've done this before. You're racing a cyclocross bike with <33mm wide CX tires. You race A group (cat 1-3) road or expert/elite MTB.

Masters: You've done this before. You're racing a cyclocross bike with <33mm wide CX tires. You're 40+ years old.

Intermediate: You've done this before. You're racing a cyclocross bike. You race B group (cat 1/2) road or sport/intermediate MTB.

U13/U15/U17: You're a young little gaffer. You're racing on a cyclocross bike or mountain bike.

Novice: You are new to cyclocross or you wish to race on a mountain bike.

Single-Speed: You think that multiple gears are cheating and only need one to kick ass.